Empfangshalle - A Synergetic Network

From the intention to run long-term studio spaces in the city and by working together on large Empfangshalle projects in public space, a community of artists from all fields has evolved over the years. By joining together, we are able to operate larger studio spaces more economically. In the meantime, about 50 artists have gathered under Empfangshalle’s roof. This creative-economic collective has stood for high artistic quality for years. Art projects and exhibitions are managed collaboratively and applied projects provide for regular income.

  • Ateliers

    Werhalle und Arbeitswelt von Empfangshalle
    Through the use of common spaces and individual storage areas and the possibility of being able to realise even large projects in the workshop – which is available to all – a small and inexpensive studio is usually enough for individual artists to imagine and plan projects

  • Actions