Sculpture for the Central Institute for Transnational Cancer Research, Klinikum Rechts der Isar

To achieve the desired logo effect for the new research center, the sculpture “i DNA” draws on the shape of the double helix, which has become iconic since its postulation in 1953. This fundamental structure of the gene, which represents the core of the research conducted in the building, forms the building blocks of the sculpture at the micro level, becoming more compressed at the bottom and increasingly airy at the top. The sculpture will be produced by means of a 3-D concrete printing process, in which a reference to the research center can also be seen: just as the medical research conducted in it benefits from the technical and scientific developments of other departments through interdisciplinary cooperation, the sculpture in its designed form would also be inconceivable if art were not on the lookout for synergy effects that result from interdisciplinary cooperation. This alone allows the complex twists and turns of the DNA strand to be designed in such a way that the shape of a stylized light bulb results. This form, in turn, opens up the symbolic level of the sculpture, which has multiple interrelationships with the field of activity of the research.

This art-in-architecture project is currently under construction. Completion is planned for spring/summer 2022.