bread and butter

Augsburg, Germany, 2004
Municipal Gallery in the Höhmannhaus

The artists had the bronze fountain figure removed from the Mercury Fountain (1599) by Adrian de Vries for the duration of the exhibition. The statue was set up again in the near-by Gallery in the Höhmannhaus. A table and three chairs were raised onto a platform in such a way that visitors could take a seat with Mercury at the table. Snacks were served there, in which one or two visitors, the guard and Mercury could take part each time. The guard served bread and butter… The social situation is the focus of attention in “Bread and Butter.” Augsburg’s landmark symbol of Mercury was removed from ist public position and integrated into a new, “personal public space” – into a tableau vivant in which visitors, museum employees and Mercury joined together into a complex, living sculpture.

Thomas Elsen