House rules

Video, Loop 28 minutes, Empfangshalle, 2005
To be played on a monitor set up 90° sideways

The video presents a calm, meditative image: an urban high-rise, an architectonic monolith as if made for film. Only the clouds, reflected on the window panes as they drift by, make it clear that this is a video. We hear a rushing sound in the distance: city traffic.
Surprisingly, in this new work Empfangshalle seems to concentrate on the sculptural aspect of architecture and to forget their usually very pointedly formulated social interest.
(25 minutes)

But all of a sudden we see and hear someone calling. In a second, the people living in the house go out onto their balconies, open their windows, and yell the building’s house rules very angrily and emphatically down to the street. Then the noise fades, the people disappear, and the monolithic building is once again seen as an unapproachable sculptural form. A “play” that is at once both surreal and political, and a metaphor for anonymity, order and urban space.