fuck you procession

with Funda Gül Özcan, 2014
Video 7 min, Installation 200 x 150 cm

This work is a joint production by Empfangshalle, Funda and numerous artists of the studio collective KvB. A central theme is the building in the Katharina-von-Bora-Straße in Munich, where the studio community works: the former heating and power station for the Führerbunker at Königsplatz. A two-part installation arose from a video and an auto-nomous sculpture; a leftover. The visual vocabulary makes use of symbolisms specially developed for the purpose which arose with the artists’ research on this theme. The video begins with a speaking sculpture on the capstone of the entrance arch to the property, a boy’s head from the NS era. At the manifesto on art, passers-by gather spontaneously beneath the speaker. At the conclusion of his speech, the boy spits fire onto the street, setting off a torchlight parade. With torches in the form of the “middle-finger salute.”
The parade winds its way in the depths of the heating chimney of the building. Between the scenes, the “Opferauto” (”sacrificial auto”) makes its appearance, a small car with television sets as passengers. “Just do it” flickers over the screens in allusion to advertising phrases adopted by the far-right scene. At the end of the parade a torch is thrown into the night sky and returns altered, in the form of two white marble dice.
In the installation the “leftover,” the demolished roof of the “Opferauto” with the marble dice, is positioned opposite the screen as if in a drive-in cinema.
This large-format production could be realised only with the energetic cooperation of the collective and our network. Thus, for instance, high-speed takes could be realised with a RedCamera.